Nano-Nouvelle Joins Australia’s Technology Elite

2016 Top 50 Tech Pioneers

Australian battery technology pioneer Nano-Nouvelle has joined leading industry innovators such as Atlassian, Xero and Canva as one of the top 50 technology firms in Australia and New Zealand.

The inaugural Tech Pioneers 50 Report, prepared by venture capital firm H2 Ventures and specialist asset manager Investec, lists the top 50 tech companies based on criteria that include capital raised, marketplace traction and innovation.

Queensland-based Nano-Nouvelle has developed a 3D nano-porous conductive membrane that can boost the energy storage capacity of lithium ion batteries by as much as 50 per cent. Lithium ion batteries are used to power devices from mobile phones to electric cars.

Nano-Nouvelle CEO Stephanie Moroz said the company was honoured to win inclusion on such an elite list. “This is a fabulous validation of the market potential of our Nanode technology,” she said.

Founded in 2011, Sunshine Coast-based Nano-Nouvelle has developed patent-protected technology that is pushing the boundaries of high performance battery electrodes. By creating a conductive membrane with 3D surfaces, Nano-Nouvelle’s Tin Nanode technology is laying the foundation for a new generation of high capacity batteries.

Nano-Nouvelle is currently working with major battery manufacturers globally, including Japan, Korea, China, Europe, the US and Israel, to ensure its Nanode technology fits with their manufacturing processes and cell designs.

Last year, Nano-Nouvelle funded the commercialisation of its novel battery electrode materials by closing a $3.7 million Series C Financing round. The investment was led by existing investor Terra Rossa Capital along with private investors including Simon Hackett and Bradley Maguire.