Nano-Nouvelle was founded in 2011 with the aim of developing innovative nanomaterials to solve global problems. Early research explored a range of energy technologies including thermo-electric materials and solar cells, leading to the creation of our platform technology. Development by our experienced team is currently focused on implementing this platform technology into our first product, the Copper LumafoilTM, a light weight current collector which offers up to 70% reduction in current collector weight. Following LumafoilTM is our NanodeTM, a high energy tin-based anode for lithium ion batteries. 

Our NanodeTM technology is targeted towards all applications requiring high energy storage with low weight or a small size. This includes consumer electronics, electric vehicles, specialised devices such as drones, and energy storage for the cost-efficient integration of wind and solar into power grids. We envision a future where low-emission electric vehicles are a mainstream choice for consumers due to their cost-competitiveness and where renewable energy is seamlessly integrated into the grid with local energy storage systems. To date we have established a strong patent portfolio protecting key aspects of the technology.

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