Copper Lumafoil™

Copper Lumafoil™ is a conductive, lightweight, porous membrane technology to replace the conventional solid copper foil current collector in lithium ion batteries. This product is designed to be a direct replacement for the solid copper foil used in most of today’s batteries with up to 70% reduction in current collector weight. The manufacture of the Lumafoil™ has been demonstrated on a roll-to-roll basis, with trials successfully applying a graphite layer to Lumafoil™ to produce complete anodes for use in lithium ion batteries.

Copper Lumafoil™, uses a highly conductive coating of copper applied to the entire internal and external surface of the porous substrate. The high conductivity and defined amount of porosity make the Lumafoil™ uniquely suited for the use as the current collector in a lithium ion battery.

Competitive Advantage

Copper LumafoilTM in Production

"The Lumafoil was a pleasure to work with. Easy to load, easy to handle, not prone to wrinkling like standard Copper foil, not prone to tear like standard Copper foil, coated normally, good adhesion, flexible substrate, good power performance, good sample reproducibility."

- Polaris Battery Labs