Copper Lumafoil™ – Old version

Copper Lumafoil™ is a conductive, lightweight, porous membrane technology to replace the conventional solid copper foil current collector in lithium ion batteries. This product is designed to be a direct replacement for the solid copper foil used in most of today’s batteries with up to 70% reduction in current collector weight.  The manufacture of the Lumafoil™ has been demonstrated on a roll-to-roll basis, with trials successfully applying a graphite layer to LumafoilTM to produce complete anodes for use in lithium ion batteries.

Copper Lumafoil™, uses a highly conductive coating of copper applied to the entire internal and external surface of the porous substrate. The high conductivity and defined amount of porosity make the Lumafoil™ uniquely suited for the use as the current collector in a lithium ion battery. 

Copper Foil versus Copper lumafoil


The Copper Lumafoil™ structure enables faster electrolyte wetting and improved active material adhesion


  • Reduction of current collector weight by up to 70%, increasing energy density
  • Faster electrolyte wetting resulting in a reduction of the cell assembly cost by up to 12%
  • Improved cycle life of active materials through better active material adhesion
  • Advantages of through porosity leading to extended cycle life

Copper Lumafoil™ provides up to 70% weight reduction when compared to traditional copper foil current collectors

current collector graph