Nano-Nouvelle Raises $3.7 Million in Series C Financing

Nano-Nouvelle, a materials technology company, today announced that it has closed a $3.7 million Series C Financing to support continued development and commercialisation of its novel battery electrode materials. The investment was led by existing investor Terra Rossa Capital with substantial participation by the sophisticated private investors Simon Hackett and Bradley Maguire together with nine other new and existing investors.

Nano-Nouvelle has developed the Nanode™, a three-dimensional nano-structured, porous electrode that is overcoming the limitations of today’s batteries. With applications ranging from renewable energy storage and consumer electronics, to hybrid/electric vehicles and electricity grid management, Nano-Nouvelle’s technology addresses a broad and diverse market. “This funding will enable us to move our product development forward, as we develop collaborations and partnerships with key industry players and adapt the product functionality to their applications” explained Stephanie Moroz, CEO of Nano-Nouvelle.

Terra Rossa Capital first invested in Nano-Nouvelle in 2011 – when its battery technology was still just a concept. Terra Rossa’s CEO, Dr Roger Voyle, noted the company’s substantial progress since then: “we now see a business that is progressing commercial relationships with the leading players in the global battery industry.”

Simon Hackett said he was attracted to Nano-Nouvelle by its potential for enabling very fast charging of batteries in electric cars and personal electronic devices. “Major new market opportunities will emerge with the advent of batteries equipped with nanotechnology-based battery electrodes,” he said.

“Nano-Nouvelle’s disruptive technology could change the way that we interact with battery-operated electronic devices. The team understands this problem space very well and they are well advanced on the path to realising their vision.”

Mr Maguire was introduced to the company and its CEO, Stephanie Moroz, at their Tech23 presentation in 2013, and soon afterwards he visited their Sunshine Coast laboratories. As he describes his participation: “The technology was impressive with huge commercial potential, and it was obvious that management were good stewards of shareholders’ money. I am pleased to be welcomed aboard and to be part of Nano-Nouvelle’s exciting future.”

Nano-Nouvelle will apply the funding to collaborations with customers, developing manufacturing processes, and ongoing product development.


About Nano-Nouvelle

Nano-Nouvelle is a materials technology company developing products for its 3D nano-porous conductive membranes for energy, environmental, chemical and biomedical applications. The team of top scientists at Nano-Nouvelle is pushing the boundaries of functional materials with patent filings around its core technology. The first products in development are high performance battery electrodes, in which the high surface area of conductive material is particularly beneficial to enable batteries to charge faster and last longer. 


About Terra Rossa Capital

Terra Rossa Capital is a specialist investor in early and expansion stage knowledge-based businesses. Based in Adelaide, Australia, Terra Rossa has been investing successfully nationally and internationally for almost ten years.


About Simon Hackett

As a successful Australian technology entrepreneur, Simon Hackett is invested in a variety of Australian and US startups in fields he is passionate about. He is a non-executive director of the National Broadband Network ( and of Redflow ( Read more at


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