Research and Industry Combine to Develop Renewable Energy Storage

Nano-Nouvelle will collaborate with the University of Wollongong and other Australian and international partners, to develop sodium ion batteries for renewable energy storage, in a $10.6 million project including $2.7 million funding from ARENA.

The Tin Nanode™ has been identified as being an excellent candidate for the anode technology being developed in the ARENA project and Nano-Nouvelle is proud to offer support through an in-kind contribution of expertise and electrode samples for prototyping and validation.

 “We are happy for the opportunity to integrate our Nanode tin-based anode, developed for lithium ion batteries, into the S4 sodium-ion battery packs” commented Stephanie Moroz, CEO.

Nano-Nouvelle looks forward to working with the ISEM, SBRC, APQRC, Hong Cheng, Hebei ANZ, McNair and Sydney Water consortium on this ambitious and exciting project.

More detailed information on the project can be found here.